“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud everyday!”  

Julee Herrmann

Artfully created in: Pleasanton, CA
Where there’s a will there’s a way and Founder Julee Herrmann definitely has more than most people. Following her passion for creativity and wellness, Julee created Canvas and Cabernet with the goal to reconnect individuals with their own creativity. Loving mother, devoted wife, and motivating teacher, Julee truly has an amazingly rare ability to inspire the souls of everyone to sing!

Cybelle Dabner

Artfully created in: Lafayette, CA
Small package, but a burst of flavor! She’s got the spunk of all her 12 cats and has been known to slay a dragon or two during off days, ladies and gentlemen…Cybellita! She brings that spunk to Canvas and Cabernet through her musically driven personality, and genuine heARTfelt consideration of others. She knows creativity has no limits, and is a positive reinforcement to helping our customer’s bring theirs out!

Melinda Salerno

Artfully created in: Livermore, CA
Melinda’s love of painting brought her through the doors of Canvas and Cabernet, into the arms of the C&C family and stuck in our vibrant environment she’s grown to adore! Her motto “think with your heart, color outside the lines,” inspires customers to express their true selves and unleash their creativity! When she’s not in the studio creating amazing memories for our customers, you can catch her and her children at the beach dancing to the Fight Song by Rachel Platten!

Kristen Brooks

Artfully created in: Costa Rica
Artfully known as KPOP, she truly finds her happiness living the Art Life! She’s the perfect combination of Pizza and Sushi, if there ever were one. When she’s not doing her daily good deed of laughing at people’s bad jokes, you can find her planning her base-jumping escapades through Italy, Japan, and Korea! KPOP’s an awesome addition to the Canvas and Cabernet Family and amazing to all our wonderful customers!

Jenna Crucitti

Artfully created in: Bakersfield, CA.
She came in known as Jenna, but was quickly given the name Jemma, because she’s a total GEM! Duh. Her talents go beyond the canvas and deeper than her love of coffee. And that is DEEP! She’s truly an inspiration to “living the dream BABY!’ With her own booming Calligraphy business, sassy-sweet NYC gal personality, Jenna is the perfect shinning gem in our studio.