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You’re Invited!!!

Let your muse dance, play and make art!

A one day workshop with

Julee Herrmann

October 15, 9am-1pm

While diving deep into the question of: What it is that I love about making art and sharing it with my community? I have discovered a piece of me that I have been cultivating for years without really placing focus on it. As you most likely have seen at Canvas and Cabernet I have a quote up that says, “Come in and Paint, its cheaper than therapy!” well, I think that its time to put that quote to work!

It started out as a kind of a smart-alec thing to say… The truth is, I’ve always valued therapy and taking care of myself through all sorts of different modalities, but I haven’t always been the best at committing to doing those things over the long haul. But, putting on some music and making art has long been a way of expressing myself and an easy go to for taking care of my emotional side and sometimes pure escape. A lotta paint and a little dancing can bring your energy up…that’s where the healing happens!

For me, I know that once I dive into a project I feel all of the rest of the world fall away. My attention becomes very focused on just what is in front of me… I’m suddenly 100% present in the moment… in the mess… in the playtime and in the freedom. Its here that I get space from the stresses of day to day life…being a mom, entrepreneur, friend, sister, daughter, and boss often take my core focus. Diving deep into what makes my soul soar is not typically where I get to put my attention… can you relate?!?

Recently I’ve been on a journey to learn about helping other people connect and be present and let go of their stresses through making art. Recently, one of my friends who is also in the healing community, asked me to join her in working with a group of young adults who are overcoming trauma and it was some of the most rewarding work that I have ever done. Feeling my heart fill up by seeing them connect through music, art and play showed me that I’m on the right path… They totally inspired me!

Because you know I love my community and I want everyone to have access to this soul lifting experience, its my intention to take this work to the next level! I’M SO EXCITED!!!!

I am creating space to work with people in letting their muses dance, play and make art. I’ll have local workshops where we’ll experience letting our intuition be the teacher… and we’ll be working BIG!!! One of my recent pieces ended up being 6 FEET TALL! She’s phenomenal and 100% inspired by my muse and totally unlike work I’ve done in the past. I can’t wait to create with you.

Our first class will be at the Canvas and Cabernet studio in downtown Walnut Creek on Sunday October 15th from 9:00am – 1:00pm, this introductory workshop is FREE!!! What? WHAT?!?! Yep! Free… space is incredibly limited. Because of the size of the work and the journey that we’ll be going on I can only host 10 guests at a time. For more information please email me directly and I’ll be thrilled to answer all of your questions and do a little happy dance with you… COME! PLAY!!!

This is just the beginning, but the journey of 1000 miles starts with the first step. Will you join me for step one of this new journey?

Artfully yours,


Another BOGO at Canvas and Cabernet!

We are offering a buy one get one free special! When you buy one seat, you earn a free seat for a plus one!

BOGO dates are as follows:
September 8
September 9

Only night classes during these dates are subject to the BOGO special! Register online for your class of choice and mention your plus one in the reservation comments. We cant wait to paint with you!

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We are hosting an art and healing event at Canvas and Cabernet benefitting A New Day for Children! Look for details and more information in the October newsletter.

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Drop the kids off and come drink mimosas. Mimosa Mornings are meant for letting your hair down and relaxing into the day with a fun painting and a mimosa on us! Join us for a little YOU time!

Check our calendar to see when you can spend the morning with mimosas and paintings!

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Subscriber’s PROMO!

Because you are subscribed, here is our gift to you!

ALL classes currently scheduled are just $25!


Code expires September 20th. *Each class has a limited number of seats at this price. Promotional code cannot be combined with other offers.

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