Looking for fun things to do in Walnut Creek, CA?
Sign up for a class so you can paint while sipping wine!

When you arrive you’ll know you’re in the right place. Fun music is playing; the vibe is electric. You enter through a unique boutique filled with delightful creations from around the world. You see a smiling face greeting you, inviting you to gather your supplies and make your way to the wine bar. Anticipating, seeing who else is brave enough to let their inhibitions go… your friends are arriving, class will start shortly.

Our instructor  makes their way to the stage, turns the music down and introduces herself… encourages you to take a sip of wine, let’s you know just what to expect; this brush, that color, make this sort of mark and you’re on your way.

Canvas and Cabernet is an upscale painting studio where art and entertainment collide bringing trendy and upscale nightlife to the heart of downtown Walnut Creek. No experience is necessary just join us for an evening of fun as we are dedicated to bringing the creativity out in each individual. Expect to leave inspired, having created a painting that is absolutely uniquely your own. It’s one of the most fun things to do in the Walnut Creek, CA area!


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