Release your stress with our unique painting experience

Need to take break? Too much stress in your life? Want to experience a new therapy? Canvas and Cabernet is the ideal place to get away from the stress and stimulate your creativity through painting. This healing process is a combination of relaxation, imagination and expression. Come join us for a moment of serenity and peace of mind.

Night Off

Enjoy your free night by bringing out your inner creativity

Join us for an experience that will focus on your feelings and emotions through painting. Make your free night count!

Night Out

A friendly evening full of colors

Spend a night with your friends like never before! We host painting events in Walnut Creek that gather people with inspiration and creativity. If you are looking for a different experience to share with an inspired community, Canvas and Cabernet is waiting for you.

Date Night

Make your date unforgettable

Looking for an original date? Want to differentiate yourself? We give you the perfect environment to enjoy a moment with your loved one. The experience of painting will give you the opportunity to discover each other and get closer. You will leave with a painting that will keep this moment forever present in your life.

Gift Giving

Gift an experience that will never be forgotten

Do you wonder what to give your mom or your best friend for their birthday? What about a gift card from our Canvas and Cabernet painting studio in Walnut Creek? With this gift, your mom or best friend will open their creativity and have fun while painting.