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Book Your Kid’s Party TODAY with Canvas and Cabernet!

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Canvas and Cabernet would like to introduce

Canvas & Cocoa! A private event just for the kiddos!

Check out our exclusive party packages:

* Kid’s Korner Package!

* Party Outside the Box!

* Rock Out Party!

* Plus more!

The kids will enjoy creating a custom take home painting with their friends, easy step by step direction from of our awesome instructors, and special cocoa package! Take advantage of our entire studio with NO event rental fee! <-

Call or email us to inquire about a package and book your kid’s party today!


Introducing “Mommy Mornings!”

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The Muse’s Muse

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Recently I have been on an amazing self care journey of discovery and adventure. I say adventure because you never know what you’ll experience when you start diving deep. I’m learning all kinds of things about myself… what I like about me, what I don’t like about me and what I want more of. For me its all about creating a beauty filled life where I am perpetually learning about how I express myself to the world.

I wanted to share part of my journey with you guys…

As I’ve been “diving deep” I’ve been noticing patterns that I have used to sort of muddle through life. These patterns are things that I will compulsively do that aren’t necessarily the cutest things… For example, one of my toughest patterns to break is “People Pleasing”. I say yes to everyone else and say no to myself. When I am unconsciously saying yes I am creating a vicious cycle. I will say yes because I feel like I’m not good enough and then it turns into they won’t like me if I don’t…, then I realize I don’t have time for this, then I’m anxious about my schedule, after that I beat myself up for over committing which means that I either have to go back on my word or stay in my negativity around whatever I said yes to. Usually I try to control all of that thru planning! It feels so crappy to be in this cycle.

I have an amazing yoga Practice at a studio here in Walnut Creek where we have a theme to each week and recently we talked about noticing, “how do I want to feel?”. Identifying that desire teaches me where I will say yes and where I will not because if it doesn’t align with how I want to feel then its a no. Its solid self care!

Its all about setting boundaries… and since I am known in some circles as being “Badass Julee Brophy” I want to set Badass Boundaries!

One of the women in the studio wrote this article about setting boundaries on HuffPost. Its a quick read, here. I hope you’ll get something out of it!


Now here’s what you all really just scrolled thru to find!

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