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I’m Julee Herrmann, an Artsy, Crafty, Wife & Mama with a penchant for ridiculous sayings… Things like ‘Where there’s a will there’s a way and I have more will than most people…’ or, ‘What’s up Buttercup? Nothin’ to it but to do it…’  and the ever present ‘Awesome Blossom!!!’ and on and on… When I started Canvas and Cabernet I was really looking for an outlet for teaching adults to connect with their creativity. I had been hosting classes for them in intimate settings which was amazing and I had a great little following of people who loved to take my classes, visit my classes in Half Moon Bay and check out my blog, but I just wasn’t reaching the pedestrian looking for more connection who was perhaps feeling a little timid about being crafty.

Starting Canvas and Cabernet has meant that we have convinced almost every single one of our thousands of customers to relax a little, sip some wine, groove to the tunes and just let it go… Another one of my sayings is “Come in and paint, its cheaper than therapy!” which is just a joke on the one hand, but on the other hand I’m totally serious. I personally have used art in all its forms as a kind of healing since I was a little kid. Just about everyone in my family is creative and makes art or craft in one form or another. When I was really little I loved to stitch Barbie the sweetest 70’s disco ensembles you’ve ever seen (poor Ken was ALWAYS nekkid!) and then as I grew up I learned to love pen, ink and charcoal not to mention the ever present ceramics… then the crafty girl kicked in and I had to use the puff paint on the sweat shirts and jean jackets! Hey, 80’s!

My craft has always followed me, given me an outlet and even inspired others. These days my preferred art medium is mixed media and photography. I love to take pictures and turn them into shrines or jewelry. I love to sketch girly faces and bury them under glitter and ink until there is just the right balance of creative expression and crafty goodness.

Another big part of me is a local girl with a love for all things sentimental. I grew up in the bucolic town of Pleasanton in the 80’s and 90’s. Most of my family is still there and I still adore my home town!  Now, with Canvas and Cabernet, being able to be a part of the greater East Bay community is just the sort of thing I love. We’ve made friends out of clients and artists out of curiosity seekers. The first time I had a friend come back to class and say that she and her daughter are now painting together at home I got a little choked up… they’re painting together! Don’t make me cry… I’m just saying that when people find that moment of peace when its just them and their creativity they want more of it and I’m glad we’re making that happen for people. In my wildest dreams I never dared to think that there would be other people willing to make a living from connecting hearts to art. Here at C&C we have the coolest group of people working it out and we have turned into our own little band of artists getting to inspire people for a living… not bad for a girl from Pleasanton’s little idea.

Voted best of the bay 2014

“You may not be the next Picasso, but the wine might make you think you are, at Canvas and Cabernet.”
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CC Times Review

“It may have rained one recent Thursday evening, but inside the newly opened Canvas and Cabernet on Locust Street, people’s sunshiny mood wasn’t the only thing that brightened the room…”
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Diablo Magazine Spotlight

“The newly opened Canvas and Cabernet provides a creative alternative to the same-old, same-old restaurant and bar scene.”
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